Babies & Young Children

Parenting 0-4 year olds

LGBTIQ parents have many of the same parenting challenges and joys as heterosexual parents.

The Raising Children Network is a fantastic resource for all parents with reliable information and resources to support them in the day-to-day work of raising children. The website has information specific to newborns, babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

However, there are some challenges unique to parenting children for LGBTIQ parents. If you are parenting a pre-schooler, you may want to begin talking to them about your gender identity or sexuality. Remember at this age children can’t think in the abstract, and their most important need is reassurance that they are loved and that their basic needs will be met. Keep explanations very concrete and simple, and reassure them of your presence and love. Our sections on coming out and communicating with your children will also be helpful.

When children are young, it is a great time to expose them to books about different types of families. It can be hard to find books that are inclusive of a range of families in your usual bookstores.

Good places to start are the:

If you are parenting a child 0-4 years old, you might be looking for a rainbow-friendly childcare centre or kindergarten. Rainbow Families Council has a fantastic resource that provides information for parents choosing a childcare centre or kindergarten. Our online forum is great place to talk to other parents about how they approached enrolling their children and to find rainbow-friendly centres.

Our forum is also a great place to meet other parents and talk about their parenting experiences