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Matt and Dwayne’s Story

Having met each other in May 2004, we both dove head first into our relationship. Within three months of meeting we had bought our first house together and had welcomed Barley, our Old English Sheepdog, into our lives. We moved quickly on things partly because Matt was on a tourist visa at the time and [...]

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Grandparents at last!

Our gay son and his partner have a gorgeous baby boy and we are now proud grandparents.  An overseas egg donor was sought, along with a gestational carrier.  The emotional journey was intense until the birth, without any complications to the gestational carrier and our grandson. The main positives are that our grandson has two [...]

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I have two mums

One thing I’ve noticed since having children, is that I spend a lot more time in my day talking to strangers.  Before children,  I spent most of my time at work, home with partner, visiting family, or hanging out with friends. But now, I spend a lot more of time in public places: playgrounds, the [...]

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An Interview with a Donor

Young man squatting behind little girl in chair

Who’s in your family? At present, my immediate family comprises my boyfriend, Morgan, and me. We are then surrounded by a few extended families around us, including Morgan’s and my birth families, my two donor families, and our gang of close gay friends.  My concept of family extends beyond blood line. Where do you live? [...]

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Rainbow mums

rainbow vballoons

We are a family of two mums, an energetic toddler, a dog and two cats. The experience of being a ‘rainbow family’ has been mostly very positive for us. In almost all respects we feel like we are no different to any other family. And we are treated this way by our family and friends. [...]

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Two Mums and a Dad

Two Mums and their children with their friend who is the chidlren's Dad

We met J working in the same job many moons ago. After about 6 years of friendship we asked him if he would be interested in helping us have a family. This question was met with a delighted and tearful yes. It wasn’t for a few more years when we tried to put those plans [...]

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Antenatal anteschmatal


When my partner was pregnant with our son, it was a very exciting time. We decorated the nursery, bought some special items of clothing and looked forward to bringing home our little baby. The journey of pregnancy brought with it a different experience for each of us. My partner became a woman carrying a child [...]

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Getting Pregnant

image of pregnant belly

My partner and I went through the donor sperm route to get pregnant with our son. We considered asking a friend of ours to donate sperm but we decided against it as we wanted to be the sole parents of our children and didn’t want the hassle of having a third parent and additional grandparents. [...]

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