Contact MPs

We need to change the hearts and minds of the LNP so that this legislation doesn’t make it in to Parliament.
If it does, we need to know that it will have a proper committee process and that MPs will be able to exercise a conscience vote.
Importantly, our elected representatives need to hear from the whole community that we want Queensland to be a fair and progressive state.
Please take some time to write to your local MP, the Attorney General and the Premier.

What should I write?

  1. Stick to the point – be clear that you are writing to ask them not to change the Surrogacy Act 2010 or the Status of Children Act 1996, and any other laws that impact on lesbian and gay Queenslanders and their children.
  2. Tell your story – why are  these issues  important to you, how will you and your family be affected by the proposed changes? What will the impacts be on children in your family or friendship circle?
  3. What is your vision for Queensland? Why do you love Queensland? – Share your beliefs in a progressive and fair Queensland where every child and family is valued and their rights protected, express your disappointment in the current way minorities are being discriminated by our elected representatives
  4. Give them the facts
    • In the 2011 census, Christianity was the number one religion among gay and lesbian couples – with 40 per cent of couples practising the faith
    • There are  5986 same sex couples in Queensland (Census 2011), 10% of the total currently have children and 25% of female couples have children
    • Many leading child welfare, psychological and child health organisations have issued statements declaring that a parent’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to his or her ability to raise a child, for example the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Medical Association
    • There is numerous  amounts of credible academic research that demonstrate that children of same sex parents have the same outcomes academically, socially and emotionally as their peers. A good summary is here
  5. End with some questions that you want a response to urgently -
    • What is their position in relation to this legislation?
    • Are they willing to support and represent LGBTI Queenslanders in their electorate and make a stand in the LNP party room?
    • Do they support a full and proper committee process for any changes to this legislation and a full consultation with the broader community?
    • If the LNP introduces Bills to parliament, will they advocate a conscience vote as Labor did when they changed the laws?

Example Letters:

  1. From the perspetive of a rainbow family – here are two letters written by concerned parents – Letter One  and Letter Two
  2. This letter has some great questions that are very direct – from an individual to his MP -here
  3. From a legal perspective – please read and use points from this fantastic letter by lawyer Stephen Page on his blog here
  4. For family members of people affected by legislation changes   here is a letter written by a  family member
  5. For friends and allies – here is an example letter written by a supportive friend

Contact Information:

Contact information for members of Queensland State Parliament can be found here. Just to make it a little easier, the contact information for two of the people we should all be writing to are right here:
Hon Campbell Newman
PO Box 15185
07 3224 4500

Hon Jarrod Bleijie

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice                            
GPO Box 149
07 3247 9068