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Matt and Dwayne’s Story

Having met each other in May 2004, we both dove head first into our relationship. Within three months of meeting we had bought our first house together and had welcomed Barley, our Old English Sheepdog, into our lives. We moved quickly on things partly because Matt was on a tourist visa at the time and we needed to prove our relationship to the government to gain Matts’ citizenship. But mainly because we just knew that we were a perfect match for each other. Matt with his borderline obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD,) and me being some what messy. We were a match made in heaven, lol. Barley was joined a year later by her sister Roxie, (our Chihuahua.)
In our first year together we visited 11 countries. Travel is obviously a passion that we both share. Animals are also something that we hold dear to our hearts. Ask our parents. We both shared a menagerie of animals growing up. This joint love of animals has taken its grip on our lives more and more the years we have spent together. Our growing list of pets now include 2 dogs, 12 blue tounge lizards, 8 turtles, 1 snake, 6 bearded dragons, 2 guinea pigs, 1 eel, 6 Frog Trees, 5 mice and not to mention Matts’ marine and fresh water aquariums.
Our dogs especially are like our children with Matt hosting their annual birthday parties for them. Any excuse for a party really. I think however our over the top treatment of Barley and Roxy was just masking the fact that there was something else extra we wanted in our lives.
Matt and I from early on in our relationship discussed our desire to raise a real family. For the best part of 6 years we concocted 100 different ways on how this might be achieved. Every avenue seemed hopeless. This was until the day we discovered surrogacy. After a years’ worth of research and a thousand emails to India our surrogacy journey was about to start. We were ecstatic.
The day before we left for India to start our procedures we let our parents in on our little secret. They were all delighted to find out that if things went to plan they would be grandparents in less than a year. They were the only people we told about going to India. We told all of our friends that we were holidaying on the Gold Coast for a week.
Our week in India was amazing. We were blown away by the professionalism, openness and kindness shown to us by the surrogacy clinic.
Upon returning home the waiting game began. Before long our surrogates had been recruited. Oh my goodness, this was really happening. We had to keep pinching ourselves to make sure this was real. We were well aware however that IVF is definitely not a guaranteed success. We didn’t have to wait long before we got the news that both surrogates were pregnant with single pregnancies. How lucky were we???
The hardest part over the first three months was not telling anyone what was happening in our lives. We didn’t want to count our chickens before they hatched figuratively speaking.
12 weeks passed and it was time to reveal to our friends why we may have been acting a little strangely over the previous months. With about 70 people invited to our house for what was a so called “House Warming party,” we let the cat out of the bag. What a night. I can still remember the stunned looks on everyone’s faces. After the initial shock wore over the crowd we were overwhelmed by the love and support that was forth coming from our closest friends.
The next several months were filled with preparing, (nesting) for our new little family. The Costco nappy stockpile began with my trips to America.
We were updated regularly from India with ultrasounds and videos of our growing babies. We still couldn’t believe that in a few short months we would be parents.
The months passed quickly and before long we were booking our return travel to India. We arrived back in Mumbai on the 29th of December, with formula, nappies, bottles and everything you could ever need to take care of new born babies. The waiting was excruciating and exciting all at the same time. We killed the time by sightseeing. One day were had been driven two hours to the south of Mumbai so Matt could go antique hunting. My phone rang. OMG it was the Dr. One of our surrogates was in labour. “Forget the antiques,” I shouted to Matt and we sped our way back to the hospital. What a nervous wait. A few hours later my phone rang again. “Congratulations boys,” said the obstetrician. You have a perfectly healthy baby girl. We were crying with tears of joy. We were soon escorted down to the nursery. We were about to meet our daughter for the first time. I can’t even describe what we were feeling. We walked into the room. It was love at first sight. If you thought there were tears before well the floodgates were open now. What a responsibility. We were now parents. We had already picked out the name Skye if we were to have a girl. Looking into her eyes Skye suited her perfectly.
We called our families with the news. They were so happy everything had gone so well. When speaking with Matts’ mum, Marilyn who was coming to India to help us out we said you had better get here quick. With that Marilyn brought her flight forward and
was on the next flight to Mumbai. Less than a day later I picked up “Mumbai Maz” from the airport.
A couple of days went by and we were settling into our new roles as parents. I think we were adjusting quite well. Things were about to get spiced up a bit however, as we were soon told that bubba number two was on the way. With that Matt was admitted to his own hospital room, with a drip put in his arm. I thought the news was a bit too much for him to handle, ( two crying babies.) But no, Matt had come down with Delhi Belly. “Not now Matt” I begged. I can’t be looking after three babies.
The phone rang once again a few hours later. “Boys well done, you have another beautiful, healthy girl.” We were over the moon. Well I was at least. Matt was still looking a little green.
We walked into the nursery again and met our little pocket rocket Summer for the first time. She was amazing. Perfect in every way. How could we be so lucky again?
We were in India for a month after the birth of our daughters. We had to complete a lot of formalities to get our girls home to Australia. The hardest part about being away from home so long was being away from my mother who was going through treatment for cancer. I think however she gained strength from knowing that very soon she would be meeting her two granddaughters Skye and Summer.
The arrival back in to Cairns was very emotional. We had done it. Our little family was finally home.
Since our arrival home Matts OCD has progressed to the next level. I don’t think he realised how much mess two toddlers can make. Fortunately for me I can now blame my mess on the girls.
Our girls are definitely following in their father’s footsteps. As of the date of their naming ceremony they have visited 5 countries and been on 16 flights.
Matt also likes to refer to our girls as his little wildlife warriors. They have no fear of animals. They love Barley and Roxy and all of our other pets.
Life has definitely changed at the Mitchley household since January. Changed for the better. We are so blessed to have Skye and Summer in our lives. They are our little angels. Before their births our lives seemed somewhat selfish. We only had ourselves to take care of. Of course we had our pets. But now we are responsible for two amazing little girls. A responsibility we don’t take lightly. With the continued love and support from our family and friends we look forward to many happy years ahead.

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