Surrogacy Laws

Changes to Surrogacy Laws in QLD

The Queensland Government has announced planned changes to the Surrogacy Act that will impact on LGBTI families and our children.  In short, same sex couples (also single people, and defacto couples 2 yrs or less) will be criminalised for accessing altruistic surrogacy. Rainbow Families Queensland has summarised these changes in this attached document. Since the annoucement of changes, many LGBTI people and their families and friends have contacted MPs. The feedback you have received from these MPs indicates that despite our concerns, the LNP still plans to change the Surrogacy Act to exclude homosexual couples and single people. The time frame we have been given for the parliamentary debate regarding these changes has not been confirmed by the Queensland Government. Some MPs have also stated that there are no plans to change the parenting presumption (i.e. having 2 mothers on a birth certificate).

We can still have an impact on the planned changes.


1.   Find us on Facebook - Like our Facebook page so you get news and updates on the campaign. There is a button over there on the right or you can use this link. Share this campaign page or our facebook page with your friends and urge them to please get involved.

2.   Write a Letter- Give up watching one TV show this week and take a little time to write a personalised letter to our elected representatives. Encourage, beg and harass your friends and family to do the same. We have lots of information about how to write a good letter and some example letters here if you really and truly don’t have time to write a personalised letter use this webform

3.   Meet Your Local MP - Call your local MPs electorate office and ask for a meeting. Be respectful, share your story and ask what their position will be in the party room. Remember this legislation will be decided before it hits Parliament, and with a big majority, we need our LNP elected representatives to speak for us within their party room. You can find more info about meeting your MP and their contact details on our website here.  Family and friends, it is important that you do this as well. MPs  need to hear from the whole community.

4.   Involve Faith leaders – Write to, call, or make an appointment to speak to a church leader in your local area. Talk to them about your family and the harm being done to your community by these changes. Ask them to advocate for you and those like you in the local community. If this is something you are unsure about, Pastor Mike, who spoke at a recent community forum has provided some excellent information here.

5.   Tell the Media –  Contact local media outlets and tell your story, contact journalists at Quest or other community newspapers and call talkback radio shows. Talk about your family; remember many people may not have any knowledge of LGBTI families. Focus on the positives; show how your family is like theirs and how much the proposed changes will hurt you and your family

6.   Join us –  Go to Rainbow Families Qld organised events, like meeting with MPs in the park. Show them we are a strong community and our voices will be heard. If you can help organise events or media coverage, contact RFQ to help out – we need volunteers!

7.   Talk and share – Talk to people about the situation, talk to strangers at the shops, parents in the park, and people at work. Let them know how important it is that they do something. You would be surprised how many people don’t know about what is happening and how much it hurts our community.

Have other ideas? Please Contact Us through facebook or our website.